02 July 2009


2 July - Prof. Ir. Dr. Rosli Hamir, Naib Presiden (Pengurusan Pelajar & Pembangunan Kampus) selaku Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kerja Anugerah Kualiti OUM telah memberi taklimat berkenaan Anugerah Kualiti Tahunan Kumpulan METEOR pada majlis Perhimpunan Perpaduan Kumpulan METEOR 03/2009. Bagi kali ini, kategori yang telah dibuka adalah Anugerah Inovatif (Kumpulan).

Tujuan AIK adalah untuk menggalakkan pemikiran inovatif dan semangat kerja berkumpulan.

Kategori penyertaan adalah:

-Meningkatkan kecekapan
-Meningkatkan khidmat pelanggan
-Menjadikan tempat kerja lebih selamat dan kondusif
-Lain lain inovasi yang memberi impak positif

Kitaran Pelaksanaan:

-Penyertaan dibuka sepanjang tahun
-Penganugerahan 2 kali setahun:
-Januari dan Julai

Syarat Penyertaan:

-Terbuka kepada semua warga KUMPULAN METEOR
-Ahli kumpulan terdiri dari staf Jabatan/Bahagian yang sama atau pelbagai
-Mempunyai penasihat dikalangan MPTU (kecuali GMC)

Hadiah dan Anugerah:

- Hadiah bernilai RM 5000.00 bagi projek yang dapat memberi impak yang paling besar kepada kumpulan meteor.
-Hadiah merit bernilai RM 2000.00 bagi projek yang berpotensi
-Pemberian Sijil Anugerah, Sijil merit dan sijil penyertaan

Ingin menyertainya?

Sila muat turun borang penyertaan di sini sekarang!

Sekretariat Anugerah Kualiti (SAK)

13 April 2009

Academic Tea Talk 03/09

The tea talk held on 31 March comprised of two presentations on:

Learning 2.0 by Prof Dr Zoraini Wati Abas, and
Lessons learnt on Mobile Learning from the IADIS Conference 2009 by Danny Ch’ng Loi Peng, Harvinder Kaur and Yuzery Yusoff

Attended by 27 participants in the Conference Room, many expressed that the session on Learning 2.0 was an eye-opener for them. The reports on mobile learning from the converence attended by Danny, Harvinder and Yuzery were interesting and highlighted some of the lessons learnt.

17 March 2009

9th International Conference on Information, 12-13 August 2009

OUM will be organising the ICI9 Conference on Learning Innovations in Higher Education at the Legend Hotel, 12-13 August.

For details, visit: http://ici9.oum.edu.my/

16 March 2009

Anugerah Akademik Negara (AAN) 2008

The Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)briefed all invitees of all public and private universities at the Bengkel Jerayawara Anugerah Akademik Negaraat PICC in Putrajaya today. MOHE is inviting applications for any or all of the six national academic awards:

As stated at the Web site: "AAN merupakan anugerah tahunan berprestij tinggi yang merangkumi enam kategori utama iaitu:

Anugerah Tokoh Akademik Negara

Anugerah Penerbitan Makalah Jurnal

Anugerah Penerbitan Buku

Anugerah Inovasi dan Pengkomersialan Produk

Anugerah Seni dan Kreativiti

Anugerah Pengajaran"

A quick overview of the AAN 2008 awards can be obtained from:

Details such as the criteria and application forms are available from MOHE's Web site at: http://www.mohe.gov.my/aan2008/index.htm. The deadline is 5pm on 4 May 2009.

21 February 2009

Academic Tea Talk 2/2009, 19 February

IQRI's sec and academic tea talk in 2009 was officiated by Y.Bhg. Professor Tan Sri Anuwar Ali, Vice-Chancellor and President, Open University Malaysia and attended by Prof Mansor Fadzil, Senior Vice President as well as other GMC members, Puan Hajjah Kamariah Mohd Noor, Prof Ramli Bahroom and Encik Che Omar Hj Ahmad along with about 50 faculty and administrative staff members.

The papers presented include:

- A study learner readiness for mobile learning at Open University Malaysia by Danny Chng Loi Peng

- Implementation of m-learning: Pedagogical perspectives by Harvinder Kaur Dharam Singh

- A conceptual framework for OUM m-learning portal by Yuzery Yusoff

- Smart Tool for Virtual Learning by Dr. Safiah Yusof

- Demo of the Pulse Smartpen by Mr. Mike Lim, Big Ant Sdn Bhd

The papers on OUM's mobile learning initiatives will next be presented at the IADIS International Conference Mobile Learning 2009 in Barcelona, Spain, 26 - 28 February 2009.

The purpose of the presentations at the tea talk was to, among others, to solicit any suggestions on how to improve their presentations during the conference.

IA Retreat, 5-7 February

IQRI's first retreat for OUM internal auditors was held at Awana Genting. It was officiated and declared open by YBhg Professor Tan Sri Anuwar Ali, President and Vice-Chancellor at 3pm. Tan Sri emphasized the need for OUM to ensure quality in all aspects of our work at OUM when catering to the needs of our learners. He stressed the need for workshop participants to also deliberate on how they can further contribute to OUM's quality journey.

The workshop started with a panel comprising the heads of the four departments that have ISO certification and the Chief Financial Officer. Chaired by Prof Madya Dr. Wahab, the panel members shared some of their experiences and issues surfaced during auditing or in preparation for audits. This provided some of the input necessary for further deliberation by OUM internal auditors.

Attended by about 50 internal auditors, the retreat aimed to provide and enhance skills in finding the root cause of problems, such as those uncovered through audits. The workshop was facilitated by two external facilitators along with Prof Madya Dr. Wahab and Puan Ruzita, our chief internal auditor and deputy chief internal auditor, respectively, together with Prof Zoraini, IQRI Director and Tn Hj Mohd Izanee, PP Kuantan Director, the workshop achieved its objectives.

The resolution from the workshop were shared with SVP and will soon be presented to the members of the GMC.

Other January Events

15 January

OUMH 1103 students informed of OUM's mobile learning initiative. View m-Learning portal at http://mlearn.oum.edu.my/

Attended meeting on E-Learning Strategies chaired by Prof Ahmad Hashem.

16 January

Updated the Senior Vice President on the m-Learning initiative.

19 January

Presentation of Faculty SOPs.

20 January

Demonstrated the usefulness of the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen to the Senior Vice President, Deans of FBM and FITM in creating online learning objects.

22 January

Presentation to GMC on MQA’s COPIA (Code of Practice for Internal Audit). Delineating action and steps to be taken by OUM for MQA audits.

Attended meeting on the Asian Journal on Open Distance Learning chaired by Prof Rosli.

08 January 2009

Academic Tea Talk 1/2009

Richard Ng gave an interesting tea talk on Online Supplemental Learning (OSI). The presentation is based on a paper that was presented at the AAOU2008 conference held in Tianjin, China last October. The paper won a sliver award. The attendees were a mixed group: Deans, Professors and our younger academicians including a couple of instructional designers and an editor from OUM.

Interesting approach to help overcome student weakness in basic mathematics - online supplemental instruction. The OSI model of instruction would include Pre-instructional Workshop, Coaching and Mentoring, and Short Video Clips on You-Tube. The model allows for collaborative work and clearly increases synergy in the discussion forums. Selected learners become mentors and provide help and guidance to the weaker learners; not a too far-fetched concept, since we have long heard of peer-tutoring. So it was good to see how it worked successfully online. When learners help others, it helps reinforce what they know and what they have learned. Being able to get help from the mentors, i.e. coursemates, will also help reduce the anxiety level of the weaker students who normally will not ask questions or ask for help. Keep in mind though that this does not mean that the tutors will no longer be doing anything. In fact, the tutors have to play an active role in coming up with the activities or assignments suited for collaborative learning. And it is the tutor who has carefully selected the learners who have the potential to be good mentors.

The addition of short video-clips on You-Tube further helps students grasp topics that are slightly more difficult to understand just by reading. They get the benefit of seeing how problems are worked out with or without the audio, as many times as needed to understand the methods used, and they can do it at their own time.

The OSI approach seems applicable to any course offered at OUM. According to our speaker, there is still more to be done, but one of the steps to be taken next will be to educate and train the OUM tutors nationwide on using OSI in their courses.

We thank Mr. Richard Ng for taking the time to share his work with us and we commend him and his team for their achievement.

Kick-off meeting for COL Performance Indicators

It was a good kick-off for OUM's continual improvement efforts. The SVP, as chairperson of the group, expressed that it was important for OUM to focus on quality in 2009.

The tools designed by COL will be one of the ways to help us achieve a certain level of standard. There are ten PIs. An 11th one on financial will be added.

Good start for quality at OUM!

IQRI Meeting 1/2009, 8 January

The first staff/department meeting for the year was held in the morning....we aim to achieve much more this year to help spur quality assurance efforts at OUM. Also in the pipeline are more research projects among OUM academicians and several innovative learning projects to help make learning more effective.

We're definitely looking forward to a better year!